AMI Hope Week Dec. 4-8, 2023

AMI Hope Week 2023 - Please participate in the following themed days: 

Monday, Dec. 4: R.A.K. Day

Wear Yellow, Red, or Teal to remind everyone that there is always HOPE.  Perform a random act of kindness, write down what you did, and turn it into the box in the library. Reach out and have a conversation with someone on your team that you don’t normally take time to check on.

Tuesday, Dec. 5: Team Spirit Day

Show that no one is alone - Wear a Martinez shirt or shirt that is one of AMIS colors. Friendship bracelet day.

Wednesday, Dec. 6: You’ve got a Friend in Me

Wear your favorite Disney themed shirt - No Pajamas

Thursday, Dec. 7: Be Comfortable with Who You Are!

Wear school appropriate pajamas or sweats - check on someone that is not in your circle of friends.  Ask about plans for the future.

Friday, Dec. 8: Be the Light!

Sparkle and Shine!  Wear some bling or lights.

View the flyer here.