History & Facts

Alma Martinez professional photo

School Namesake

Alma Martinez served MISD for three decades, working her way up from special education teacher to principal. Her service at both the elementary and intermediate level has earned Mrs. Martinez broad recognition as an inspiring mentor with a big heart. MISD’s first Hispanic namesake, Alma Martinez will continue to inspire students for generations to come. 

Campus Mission Statement

Alma Martinez Intermediate School is a diverse community committed to empowering learners through student centered experiences that promote learner ownership of education through strong engagement, critical thinking and life experiences. 

Campus Vision Statement

To empower students to soar through life’s journey and persevere on the sometimes turbulent path to success.

Mansfield ISD 2030 Vision

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"Point your compass toward success."

School Facts

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Power of Choice

Alma Martinez Intermediate School houses a Comprehensive school, Fine Arts Academy & STEM Academy. Learn more about our Academies here. 

MISD Fine Arts Academy Logo

Fine Arts Academy

The Fine Arts Academy will provide students with a rigorous academic environment while encouraging artistic exploration and integration. The program, which places a stronger emphasis on the visual and performing arts than is typically present in a traditional elementary and intermediate school setting, will give students the opportunity to delve deeper into the creative disciplines of theatre, art, music and dance. Watch our promo video here

Recording of FAA Academy information session

Recording of FAA Academy Orientation

MISD Stem Academy Logo

STEM Academy

The purpose of the Alma Martinez STEM Academy is to teach learners to explore, create and innovate by engaging in problem-solving using the Engineering Design Process. Learners will be immersed in real-world problem-solving with STEM integration in the core courses. Learners will have design time built into the schedule that will allow them to work on design challenges and project/problem-based learning incorporating design thinking within an innovative learning. For more information, ()

Recording of STEM Academy information session 

Recording of STEM Academy Orientation

Innovation Week

Innovation Week is a week during the school year where students have an opportunity to explore something they are passionate about. As a project-based learning experience, students answer the driving question: How can your passion make the world a better place? The week includes a service project or a community give-back piece and must have math, writing & research components. Students from across grade levels and campuses will be mixed together for this immersive and engaging learning experience. 


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