History & Facts

Alma Martinez professional photo

School Namesake

Alma Martinez served MISD for three decades, working her way up from special education teacher to principal. Her service at both the elementary and intermediate level has earned Mrs. Martinez broad recognition as an inspiring mentor with a big heart. MISD’s first Hispanic namesake, Alma Martinez will continue to inspire students for generations to come. 

Campus Mission Statement

Alma Martinez Intermediate School is a diverse community committed to empowering learners through student centered experiences that promote learner ownership of education through strong engagement, critical thinking and life experiences. 

Campus Vision Statement

To empower students to soar through life’s journey and persevere on the sometimes turbulent path to success.


"Point your compass toward success."

School Facts

For a current list of our clubs and organizations offered for our students, visit the Clubs and Activities webpage.


For the complete schedule including periods, lunches, recess, and Academy schedules, visit the Bell Schedule webpage

AMIS Houses: A positive approach to discipline and character building

This is our school-wide program that focuses on positive behavior and building strong character in our students. We have six houses based on our school mascot. Each house is a specific color and will also have a specific logo or symbol that symbolizes the house.
All students and staff will be divided into a house: 

  • Globetrotters
  • Rocketeers
  • Aviators
  • Pathfinders
  • Explorers 
  • Mariners

Every student will draw for a house and will remain in this house throughout their years at Martinez.
Houses will include students from both grade levels and all portions of the campus.
Students will earn points by showing manners, respect, kindness, responsibility and good behavior.  
Groups or teams of students in the same house that are working or competing together within a class can earn bonus points for their house per “assignment” or showing of good behavior.
Points can be given in class, in hallways, in the food court, basically anywhere throughout the school day.
We will focus on one character trait each six weeks.  Announcements will be made sharing information about the focus trait each six weeks.
Houses will have house or family meetings at least once each six weeks.
Rewards and/or recognition for the winning house will be given weekly, at the end of the six weeks and at the end of the year.


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